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Handwoven Kottan Tray
Handwoven Kottan Tray
Handwoven Kottan Tray

Handwoven Kottan Tray

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Add a dash of color, pattern &  texture to your home organization with our range of Kottan baskets. Kottans are handwoven palm leaf baskets made in the Chettinadu region of Tamil Nadu, India. 

It was an integral part of every household, widely used for religious ceremonies, gift giving & daily storage. Once practiced as the leisurely activity of the women from affluent families, the art of weaving the kottan baskets nearly went out of practice until it was slowly revived in the early 2000s. The art of weaving kottan baskets is being revived by teaching the traditional patterns & techniques to small groups of village women in the Chettinadu region with the aim of bringing back the art form & to arm the local women with a craft which is the best way of ensuring a sustainable source of income. These baskets are made using dried Palmyra/Palm leaves which are dyed and woven into colorful baskets.

With it’s vibrant hues, eclectic geometrical patterns and earthy textures, the traditional Kottan baskets are a beautiful example of form meets function. They will be right at home in a maximalist bohemian interior just as well as they are as a pop of color in a minimalistic or modern home. They can be used as anything from a catch-all basket in your entryway to a fruit or bread basket in kitchen to a  utility basket for your coffee table.The possibilities are just endless!


Length - 13.5 inches

Width: 10 inches

Height: 3.5 inches