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The Handmade Tales - The story

Back in 2016, what started as wishful thinking over dinner chats between me & my husband, shaped into Terracotta Tales - a small store on ETSY, where I started with a curated collection, handmade, wheel thrown earthen cookware and unique home decor. The focus was on designing products that are suited to the modern kitchen while keeping the tradition of cooking in clay cookwares alive.

Well, that was just the beginning. We are now "THE HANDMADE TALES".

We aspire to grow into a brand that brings handmade items to the forefront, a place to glorify local artisans and bring local art from every corner of the world into every home.

We will tell the tales of the people who make them & the tales of the craft they have mastered.

Thank you for stopping by!


- Saranya Padmanabhan, Designer & Founder